Attune Your Body, Mind and Soul
Weekly Classes

Yoga Sound Bath

Meditation 101

Donar invites you to relax deeply and be open to receive the healing elements of planetary gongs and tuning forks. Class begins with light breathwork and tuning forks are applied to tune your energy field. Each class is designed with specific gongs to create a unique healing experience. The class will culminate in a 40-minute savasana or deep relaxation, ending with the gentle sound of chimes. Students report feeling relaxed, blissful, calm, and centered. Some experience the sensation of floating away or being out of time, and many are able to release stagnant emotions or energy blockages.


Donar’s signature workshop is his Relax and Renew Gong Bath. Each workshop has a unique intention and theme, such as breaking limiting patterns, gratitude, or self-discovery. Donar will create a healing atmosphere with crystals, candles and colored lights, and he will play a special combination of gongs that will facilitate the intended result for the participants. During the 1-2 hour workshop Donar will introduce and explain each gong and its effects on the body both energetically and scientifically at the beginning. After that the workshop will begin with guided meditation along with tuning forks to attune the space. Donar will activate the gongs vibrations and the magic will begin to happen to the participants energetically. The workshop will end with a relaxing savasana with music and a gentle closing.

Online Private Sessions

Donar will create a unique, personalized session based on your date of birth using Kundalini and Tarot Numerology. He will use your numerology to select specific gongs and tuning forks that are best suited for your healing. Your 90-minute session will leave you feeling calm and centered, and relaxed and rejuvenated. You will have a deeper understanding of your life path and gifts. Exchange for a private session is $111. Contact us to book your session now!

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