We travel to you and offer a variety of experiences to fit what you are looking to bring to your workplace. Rates are dependent upon location, type of service, and frequency.
• Sound Bath: 15-60 minute experience in which participants relax in a comfortable position and listen to the sounds of gongs. The instruments are played in a manner that relaxes the body and calms the mind. The sounds affect the brain and nervous system and most people feel more relaxed and refreshed after this experience.
• Breathwork + Sound Bath: 60-90 minute experience in which participants are lead through a breathwork meditation followed by a sound bath with gongs . The breathwork is designed to clear the mind and oxygenate the body, leaving participants feeling more clear, energized, and creative. This is one of the best ways to increase focus and reduce stress and anxiety.
• Lecture + Experience: We offer lectures about the affects of sound and breathwork and can create a class that combines education and experience. This would be good for a one time corporate event. Time varies depending on details.
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